Editorial: ‘Hussein’ by Yannis Guibinga

I miss home most of the time, but I have to push those thoughts away in order to concentrate on the present. I used to have dreams of coming to a country filled with endless possibilities. My brothers and cousins all left before I did and spoke about how much they had lost. They warned me that this new place was not better than home. Yet, I came. Believing they were being selfish, attempting to deprive me of the success they were experiencing. They told me that they had become common men while working unfulfilling jobs. I ignored them. 
I accept that I am far from an important man but I used to take pride in the work I did back in Chad. I was respected and valued. Now here, all their warnings became my reality. All my accomplishments have amounted to nothing. I was forced to restart. I was forced to become normal. 


Model + Art Direction: Josef Adamu
Text: Harun Farah
Taken from Issue 00.
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