Halloween, But Make It Fashion: Our Last Minute Costume Ideas



Conjuring the Halloween spirit in lieu of pre-packaged party city costumes and the classic cats, cinderellas, and superheroes isn’t all that poppin’. As we prepare to spook our streets this season, lets come with the same energy that inspires our own style. Satisfy your Avante-Garde with Tomb Raider’s, Lara Croft, leather garters with belt accessories, or theatre geek chic in Outkast’s songful cry for Caroline. Strut just how much you don’t wanna be like Cinderella with your cheetah sisters or how bad you need a girlfriend with your B2K brothers, all while emulating some tasteful trends from the early 2000s.We can resurrect the essence of our most loved characters in style. Start rediscovering the fierce and fly in Halloween below.


While the "Survivor" music video had three outfit changes, the tour offers even more ideas to find your ideal camo combo.

Only if you’re prepared to let everyone watch you yuuuuuuuuuuuu in a sick pair of Bathing Apes

Between B2K's brown leather jacket sets and all white fits, you’ll find a girlfriend by Halloween’s end.

This costume is as sleek as the smooth lines this beret girl had in An Extremely Goofy Movie: "Oh, you slay me, tiger. You are the fly in my soup. You are the eyelash in my eye. You are so busy blowing out bad vibes in every direction that we are all choking on your second-hand smoke!"

 Photo: @kieraplease

Numbuh Five, from Codename Kids Next Door had it all: gold hoop earrings, white mary janes, a blue t-shirt dress, and a red Gatsby cap.

 Photo: @kieraplease

SZA's "Love Galore"  is an easy pick because a handful of YouTubers have done tutorials on this look, you won’t have to work too hard.


Photo: @kieraplease

Grab some friends for an ode to the girls that made velvet sweat sets cheetahlicioussss!!!!!

Ask yourself: are you that somebody?

Nothing says seduction like channeling your inner 70s Snoop Dogg.

Shaolin Fantastic is the epitome of timeless 1970s-early 80s hip-hop fashion

Be THE LOVE BELOW!!!! Speakeboxx hard or as mighty fine as Caroline.

Channel your inner Life-Sized Barbie doll, but make it fashion
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